How can I enroll in this university?

Source: Application for international students

You are considered an international student if you hold a study degree abroad, regardless of your nationality. If you are in possession of a study degree abroad and wish to enroll in Unito’s Bachelor, Master and 5-year or 6-year postgraduate degree, you must complete the admission and enrolment process according to the modalities and deadlines indicated on the Online application page of the university.

The application procedure for the academic year 2022-2023 differs according to the type of course chosen and the need or not for a visa for study purposes.

You can consult the training offer on the Apply@unito platform. The procedure changes depending on whether:

You are a European citizen/non-EU citizen legally residing in Italy

European citizens/equivalents/non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy can submit their application on the Apply@Unito platform according to the following deadlines:

  • 18th January 2022 – 6th May 2022 for postgraduate degree programs
  • 10th May 2022 – 15th July 2022 for undergraduate degree programs and 5-6 years postgraduate degree programs
  • 1st September 2022 – 12th September 2022 for undergraduate degree programs, 5-6 years postgraduate degree programs and postgraduate degree programs.
    An additional contribution is required during this application period.

The online application on Apply@Unito is subject to the payment of a fee of 50€. The fee cannot be refunded.

You will receive feedback on your online application within 2 months from submission to the same e-mail address you used to register on the platform.

You are a non-EU citizen residing outside of Italy

Non-EU citizens residing outside of Italy can submit their application:

  • for postgraduate degree programs, on the Apply@Unito platform from 18th January2022 to 6th May 2022.
    The online application on Apply@Unito is subject to the payment of a fee of 50€. The fee cannot be refunded.
  • for undergraduate degree programs and 5-6 years postgraduate degree programs, on the Universitaly platform (you do not have to submit your application on Apply@Unito). Deadlines will soon be announced by the Ministry of Education. The procedure is open but it is not yet possible to apply for the academic year 2022-23. Applications submitted for the wrong academic year will not be considered. The pre-enrollment procedure on Universitaly is used to assess your eligibility to the chosen program based on your foreign study qualification and, at the same time, is a mandatory step in order to apply for a study visa.

Required documentation

  • ID card (for Italian and EU applicants) or passport (for non EU applicants)
  • a valid residence permit for Italy (only for non EU applicants residing in Italy)
  • study documents (here the PDF available in English on the Unito site)

In addition, for postgraduate degree programs only:

  • motivation letter in English or Italian
  • additional documents required by some specific postgraduate degree programs
  • Other optional documents: university study programme (course description) issued by the Institute/Foreign University, with translation into Italian, English, French or Spanish.

All documents uploaded in your online application are accepted in Italian, English, French or Spanish. If your documents are not issued in one of these languages, you also have to attach a certified translation in Italian, English, French or Spanish.

Applications sent must be complete with all the documentation required. Incomplete applications will not be considered and it will not be possible to apply again for the academic year 2022-2023.

The University reserves the right to request at its sole discretion any additional documentation that may be necessary for evaluating your educational background.

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