How can I enroll in this university?

There are different types of access, which differ mainly according to the level of specialisation to which access is sought.

About the TRIENNIUM courses

Access is conferred to those who:

  • hold a Higher Secondary Education Diploma or other study degree obtained abroad and recognized as suitable by the Academy, in accordance with International Agreements;
  • have passed the admission exams by meeting the legal requirements.

Other possible investigations are reported on the website, the timing and modalities of which are indicated in the section Calendari (still in progress).

After passing the admission test:

The registration procedure is exclusively online:

  • Connect to the website Isidata
  • Follow the instructions on the Academy page and in the Management section of the ENROLLMENT application (enrollment to 1 year – FIT after a positive result of the admission exam)

About the BIENNIUM courses

All those who have an Academic Diploma or a First Level Diploma can register:

  • Direct Access

First Level Academic Diploma in the course followed during the triennium (see those listed above).

  • Access upon proof of admission
  1. All titles (lauree e diplomi di 1° livello) obtained in Italy
  2. All titles (lauree) obtained abroad

The number of debiti formativi cannot exceed 36 and is defined according to the curriculum presented by the student.

Possible admission exam:

  • Indivudual colloquium
  • Written exam

In the section Calendari (still in progress) are indicated the timetable and additional information on the test modalities.

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