You may continue your studies in Italy, with your study certificates abroad legalized by the Italian Embassy. Otherwise, for the years of study prior to university enrolment, the school uses the age of the student as a criterion.

Studies at the University require a baccalaureate degree. In addition, for foreign students from countries where pre-university enrolment is below 12 years old, completion of the first year of university studies is compulsory.

Do you want to enroll at the university, but you have not completed 12 years of study?

  • You can complete a year of university studies in your home country and follow the enrollment procedures in Italy.
  • You can complete the Foundation Programme, created for students from countries where the pre-university years are below than 12.
  • You can complete your studies in a secondary school, doing the last two missing years and earning the Baccalaureate.

You can continue your studies in Italy, enrolling in a Master’s Degree. Find out what the requirements are here.

You can continue your studies in Italy, validating your years of study and enrolling in an equivalent degree program. Find out what the requirements are here.

You can validate your degree depending on the course of study and its equivalence in Italy. Find out what the requirements are here.

In Italy, l’Ente Regionale per il diritto allo Studio Universitario (EDISU), present in each region, offers every year a scholarship, which consists of a sum of money to support university expenses. In addition, each university offers its own scholarships with different features and requirements. You can consult the list of scholarships offered:


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