The Albertina Accademy

Source: Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti

The Albertina Academy is a university institution for the study of Fine Arts, based in Turin. Although the name “Albertina” refers to Charles Albert of Savoy, to whom the decisive “refoundation” of the Academy in 1833 is due, its origins are much more remote, so much so that the Turin Academy can be considered one of the oldest in Italy.

In recent years, the Albertina Academy has continued to transform and renew itself, promoting numerous educational and cultural initiatives. It is worth mentioning, in this case, the reorganization and the reopening to the public of the Pinacoteca, the restoration of the building and the rationalization of the interior spaces (still in progress), the intense activity of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and demonstrations, the massive introduction of informatics in the Academy and the creation of the new experimental course of Conservation and Restoration from the school year 1997-98.

The training offer

The degrees awarded by the Academies of Fine Arts are equivalent to university degrees and represent the highest level in the field of arts education.  The courses are divided between the triennium of the First Level High Training and the biennium of Specialization.  Here are some of the possible paths available, in Italian:

  • Paint
  • Sculpture
  • Decorating
  • Graphics
  • Scenery
  • New technologies in art
  • Artistic design for the company
  • Communication and enhancement of contemporary artistic heritage
  • Art didactics
  • Free course of nude

In each area there are basic and character training courses, theoretical and scientific courses and the possibility of choosing other complementary activities to obtain the 60 free credits.

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