The Conservatorio of Turin

Source: Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Giuseppe Verdi”

The Conservatorio Statale “Giuseppe Verdi” di Torino (The Conservatorio of Turin) is a public institution of higher education that serves Torino and the Piemonte provinces in northwest Italy. The Conservatory specializes in research and training in the music arts and offers public productions featuring its student and faculty.

In 1866 the “Musical Institute of the City of Turin” was established and later became the Royal Conservatory of Music “Giuseppe Verdi” in Turin”.  In 1936 it became the Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Giuseppe Verdi” di Torino and was elevated by the state to issue musical diplomas. Today, the Conservatorio has over 700 students and more than 130 professors offering predominantly individual lessons in addition to instruction in a wide range of performance-based musical groups.  During the year the Conservatorio offers many free concerts featuring their students and has an active program with national and international performers.

The training offer

Studying at the Conservatorio depends very much on passing a preliminary exam and, for foreign students, being in possession of a Certification of Italian Language Level B2 obtained at affiliated centres. The final tests are open to the public. The institute organises public concerts demonstrating the methodology of the techniques used and the level reached by pupils during the year, always having a good network of promotional activities and exchanges with foreign institutions.

As already stated at the beginning of this section, the undergraduate and post-graduate degrees that the Conservatorio di Musica di Torino offers are in the field of musical instruments, singing, electronic music, musical direction and orchestra, etc. In this list you will find the courses according to the level:

  • First Level: Laurea Triennale (3 years).
  • Second Level: Laurea Magistrale (2 years), Master (1 years), Doctorate (3 years).

At the source of each section, you will find detailed information in Italian on the subjects to be studied throughout the career, in addition to the different services that the school offers to students.

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