Executive Board 2022-2023

Gianella Soto Taza


Bachelor in Management and International Business

Student of Economy

EsPerTo is solidarity because we are ready to share ideas, opinions and to support anyone who needs it.

Cryssel Barrionuevo

Treasurer and Networker

Bachelor in International Development and Cooperation Sciences
Master in Social Innovation Management

Student of the advanced training course “Talents for fundraising”

EsPerTo is listening because we always respond to every doubt, perplexity and concern that young people tell us. After listening to them, we try to help them and support them with the means we have.

Sarah Cerabona


Bachelor in Languages and Culture for Tourism

Master in Area and Global Studies for International Cooperation

EsPerTo is friendship because, in the midst of so many experiences, you can forge bonds of trust and support.

Judith Ccasa Caceres

Communication and Marketing Advisor

Architecture Student

EsPerTo is sharing, commitment and courage.

José Cuentas Guzman

Consultancy Advisor

Bachelor in Nursing
Student of Medicine and Surgery

EsPerTo is expertise because our services are offered by volunteers with experience and skills.

Cristian Espinoza Mendoza

Vice President and Innovation Advisor

Diploma in Trades and Commercial Services

EsPerTo is honesty because it creates trust among its members and it is the basis of our relationship.